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Sparco products have been keeping racers safe for 25 years. Sparco engineers have now developed a helmet that continues that long-standing tradition of excellence - a helmet unmatched in the attention to detail.

The shell is constructed of 100% fiberglass which was found to yield the best combination of strength and weight. A sophisticated vacuum form resin strengthening process in conjunction with a proprietary Robotic Resin Thickness Control ensures maximum material integrity with a zero tolerance value between shells. Each shell is then electronically measured to verify its accuracy.

The shell openings are then cut using a precision Robotic Hydro-Jet Process. This advanced technical process ensures
precise positioning of the visors and ventilation openings as well as perfect edges on all gasket sealing surfaces.

The shell is then finished with
3 layers of fire resistant paint, which includes a primer coat, color coat, and clear coat.

Safety, comfort and durability were main objectives for the internal construction. The Polystyrene inner liner works in conjunction with the outer shell to dissipate the energy created during an impact by absorbing and distributing the shock energy over the largest possible surface. The polystyrene foam
inner liner is precisely matched to the shape of the shell. This tight tolerance helps maximize impact management.

Fit and comfort are crucial elements in the function and overall performance of a helmet. Extensive testing on the open cell comfort foam has yielded data allowing us to use the
optimum density foam in each area of the helmet. This ensures a proper fitting helmet with maximum comfort.

A unique channeling system incorporated into the polystyrene liner allows air to circulate more efficiently throughout the helmet, further enhancing the driver's comfort. The interior is then completely covered in a specially knitted
100% ultra soft Nomex. We have also designed the inner lining of the F1 model to be completely and easily removed, making cleaning and servicing much easier. Special attention has also been paid to all other hardware and accessories. The chinstrap is a fire resistant aramidic fiber with quick pull safety tag. All air ducts, spoilers and stabilizers are as light as possible while still retaining superior strength. Even the visor hardware is made from CNC machined aluminum.

All of this adds up to the
finest helmets offered on the market today. No other helmets could have carried the name Sparco.


WTT F1 Helmet

The WTT F1 is the premier Sparco helmet. The F1 has a narrow eye port designed for use in open wheel racing. The F1 comes complete with Peltor ear cups, which can reduce noise by up to 25 dB. Tests have shown this to greatly increase driver concentration. 

The F1 also includes Sparco's 3mm homologated shield with CNC machined aluminum hardware and positive lock down hinge, removable liner for easy cleaning and service, and lightweight adjustable air ducts.

Reversible air ducts  
- Special lightweight air ducts are reversible to suit the conditions and special needs of the driver.

Specially designed inner lining  
-The Polystyrene liner is specially channeled to allow air circulation throughout the entire helmet. This helps keep the driver cool and focused.

Peltor ear cups  
- Special built-in Peltor ear cups can eliminate up to 40% of the noise in the cockpit. This will allow crystal clear communication with your crew. Used by more WRC teams than any other system.

Pre-formed inner liner 
- Modifying the inside of a new helmet to accommodate communication systems can compromise its safety design. This inner liner is specially preformed with recesses in the right place to accept these systems, also making the ear area especially comfortable.

Optional spoilers and stabilizers  
- Lightweight ABS spoilers and stabilizers can be added to the helmet to suit your individual needs. This will allow you to customize your helmet to work optimally in various situations.

Sizes: S-XL

Product #FXWTT F1  
Price: $819.00

WTT KF Helmet

- Sparco WTT -KF has a narrow eye port designed for use in open wheel racing.
- The KF also includes a 3mm homologated shield with CNC machined aluminum hardware and positive lock down hinge, removable cheek pads and lightweight adjustable air ducts.

Sizes: S-XL

Product # FXWTTKF
Price: $749.00

WTT TK Helmet

- Sparco WTT-TK has a wide eye port for the sedan and touring car racer.
- The TK has extra ventilation designed into the front chin bar for improved ventilation when used in a closed cockpit.
- The TK comes with removable cheek padding so the driver can order different pads to achieve the desired fit.
- The TK also includes a 3mm homologated shield with CNC machined aluminum hardware, positive lock down hinge and lightweight adjustable air ducts.

Sizes: S-XL

Product # FXWTT TK
Price: $749.00



SN2000 Helmet

- The SN2000 Helmet has two NACA-style intake ducts on the chin bar, two adjustable air vents on top plus four exhaust vents on the rear of the helmet.
- The inner lining has a removable chin curtain for extra comfort on hot days.
- The SN2000 also includes a 3mm homologated shield with CNC machined aluminum hardware and positive lock down hinge.

Sizes: S-XL

Product # FXSN2000
Price: $599.00


                                   Sizing Chart

Size        CM measurement      INCH measurement

XS                        53-54                               20 7/8 - 21 1/4

S                          55-56                                21 7/8 - 22

M                         57-58                                22 1/2 - 22 7/8

L                         59-60                                 23 1/4 - 23 5/8

XL                       61-62                                 24 - 24 1/2