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EVO-152 (NVG Adaptable)

EVO-152 (NVG Adaptable)
EVO 152
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Part Number:HFX-17 (click on options below to build)
The Evolution "EVO" 152 DOI/USFS Approved helmet is a lightweight helmet offering both NVG and NON-NVG configurations. The EVO 152 is a single visor helmet, externally fitted which offers a low profile helmet with a non-detachable lens.

The EVO 152 comes with either hard wired or emergency EGRESS cord assembly and your choice of color, Mic assembly, and impedance.

  • Visor color options: Smoke, Amber/Yellow, Clear, or our mirror series, Chrome Silver, Ice Blue, Jade Green
  • Adjustable spring-loaded outer visor Rotating inner visor 
  • Includes self-molding and washable Comfort Liner by Boxell 
  • Removable gel-seal ear cups. Cloth "Universal" neck pad with stiffener (3 different thicknesses settings) 
  • Adjustable chin strap with Magnetic Buckle and leather pad
  • Stackable earcup spacer pad kit (4 pads supplied) 
  • Removable leather edge roll  
  • Communications ready 
  • Cloth helmet bag with drawstring and helmet crew bag 
  • Lightweight 3mm Kevlar construction 
  • Low profile 
  • Helmet Warranty 1-year. Internal Communications 3-years. (Standard ANR 1-year) (Bose Excluded)
  • All Evolution helmets are custom made to order
  • Custom Painted and Assembled "in-house"
  • Exportable- "No ITAR Restrictions"
  • The EVO-152 is a type-1 helmet meaning it's DOI certified for "Both" Fixed and Rotor-wing aircraft.


  • Choose Options

    Head Circumference
    Lens Configuration - Outside Lenses
    Impedance (Select One)
    Military 5/19 OHM
    Civilian 300 OHM
    Microphone and Speakers
    Mic Boom
    Communication Cable
    NVG Mounting Base (night vision goggle)
    Earcup Preference
    Active Noise Reduction (ANR)
    Cord Mounting (must select)
    NVG Adapter
    Chin strap
    Additional options
    EVO Oxygen Mask Receivers [+$150.00]
    Lightweight USAF Oxygen Receivers [+$100.00]
    Microfiber SkullCap - Made in Italy [+$22.00]
    In-Line Volume Control [+$60.00]
    Bose Panel Mount Pigtail [+$75.00]
    Bose Lemo to Helo adapter [+$50.00]
    Bose Lemo to GA adapter [+$50.00]
    Bose Lemo to GA adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
    Bose Lemo to Helo adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
    CEP (Not used with BOSE) [+$185.00]
    CEP Interface (Only) [+$85.00]
    CME (Not used with Bose) [+$425.00]
    Dual Impedence Switch (Helmet Mounted) [+$250.00]
    Mic Light - NVG 3 Green [+$51.00]
    Paint Color (monitors may vary color)
    Visor Cover Paint Color
    Helmet Bag Included (Choose Color)
    Name on back of Helmet under clear coat (optional $20.00)
    25 chars left
    Lettering Color

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