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Magnetic Chin Strap (fits EVO and MSA)

Magnetic Chin Strap (fits EVO and MSA)
Magnetic Chin Strap (fits EVO and MSA)
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Part Number:HFX-1286
Quick Release Magnetic Chin Strap (450 lb. pull), Fits both EVO and MSA helmets!  Strap comes complete with attaching hardware.

EVOLUTION HELMETS has designed a long requested alternative to the clumsy and many times aggravating Helmet Chin Strap. The New Chin Strap is innovative and incorporates the EVO's Magnetic Chin Strap that is truly operated with one hand. The Chin Strap and latch has a breaking strength of over 500 lbs and was tested by Dynamic Research to certify that the Chin Strap meets the required 300 lb ANZI.Z90.1 standard.

The installation is straightforward and will install without any modifications to your EVO or MSA Gallet Helmet. The Chin Strap will also fit older models to include, EVO 052, 152, 252, and MSA/CGF series helmets. Chin Strap comes complete with Chin Strap, Magnetic latch, Mounting hardware and Mil-Spec webbing.

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