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Shown with optional chrome lens
Your Price: $1,500.00
Part Number:HFX-XPH
The EVOLUTION XPH aviation helmet is an innovative design that features a lightweight shell construction
of Kevlar and Fiberglass. The EVOLUTION is extremely light and incredibly resilient to penetration and
impact. The EVOLUTION has the thickest helmet shell at 3mm, twice that of any other helmet brand and equal to the EVO 052,152 and 252.

The EVO helmet adapts to your needs with either hard wired or emergency EGRESS Communication Cable System
& NVG battery mount. Easily switch your communication cable between different air crafts in addition no
need for Velcro to attach NVG batteries.

The EVO XPH is a DUAL lens helmet and comes with your choice of clear, gray, or yellow outer and inner
visors. Each EVOLUTION helmet comes complete with communications, ready to fly.. Each EVO Helmet and communications come with a stacked 1, 2 and 3 Year Warranty (Bose Excluded).

1 Year Warranty on the Helmet functions.
2 Years on Communication Cord, and Communications components
5 Years on Microphone and Ear Phones.

Warranty does not cover Abuse or wear items such as Edge Roll, Liner, Ear Seals or other components that come in contact with the users face or head.

• Made in the USA
• Innovative quick release cable and communications system
• NVG compatible with all US made NVG devices
• NVG battery pack holder standard on all helmets
• Visor color options: smoke, yellow, clear
• Dual Visor Stack
• Includes memory foam comfort liner by Boxell
• Removable ear cups/ hush kit combo
• Adjustable heavy duty leather chin strap, rated to 440lbs pull.
• Stackable earcup spacer pad kit (8 pads supplied)
• Low profile
• Accusticom or David Clark audio system
• Quick release mic system
• Optional volume control
• Communications ready
• Cloth helmet bag with draw string
• Heavy duty canvas crew bag
• Lightweight kevlar & fiberglass fiber construction
• ANR, CEP, Dual Impedance available upon request

Choose Options

Head Circumference
Lens Configuration - Outside Lenses
Lens Configuration - Inside Lenses
Impedance (Select One)
Military 5/19 OHM
Civilian 300 OHM
Microphone & Speakers
Earcup Preference
NVG Mounting Base
GoPro Mount
Communication Cable
Cord Mounting (must select)
Active Noise Reduction
Additional Options
Microfiber SkullCap - Made in Italy [+$22.00]
Flex Boom [+$50.00]
In-Line Volume Control [+$60.00]
Helmet Mounted Volume Control [+$60.00]
Bose Panel Mount LEMO Pigtail [+$75.00]
Bose Lemo to Helo adapter [+$50.00]
Bose Lemo to GA adapter [+$50.00]
CEP (Not used with BOSE) [+$185.00]
CEP Interface (Only) [+$85.00]
CME (Not used with Bose) [+$425.00]
Dual Impedence Switch (Helmet Mounted) [+$300.00]
Mic Light - NVG 3 Green [+$51.00]
Paint Color
Visor Cover Paint Color
Helmet Bag Included (Choose Color)

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