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EVO-152 (NVG Adaptable)

EVO-152 (NVG Adaptable)
EVO 152
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Part Number:HFX-17 (click on options below to build)
The Evolution "EVO" 152 DOI/USFS Approved helmet is a lightweight helmet offering both NVG and NON-NVG configurations. The EVO 152 is a single visor helmet, externally fitted which offers a low profile helmet with a non-detachable lens.

The EVO 152 comes with either hard wired or emergency EGRESS cord assembly and your choice of color, Mic assembly, and impedance.

  • Visor color options: Smoke, Amber/Yellow, Clear, or our mirror series, Chrome Silver, Ice Blue, Jade Green
  • Adjustable spring-loaded outer visor Rotating inner visor 
  • Includes self-molding and washable Comfort Liner by Boxell 
  • Removable gel-seal ear cups. Cloth "Universal" neck pad with stiffener (3 different thicknesses settings) 
  • Adjustable chin strap with Magnetic Buckle and leather pad
  • Stackable earcup spacer pad kit (4 pads supplied) 
  • Removable leather edge roll  
  • Communications ready 
  • Cloth helmet bag with drawstring and helmet crew bag 
  • Lightweight 3mm Kevlar construction 
  • Low profile 
  • Helmet Warranty 1-year. Internal Communications 3-years. (Standard ANR 1-year) (Bose Excluded)
  • All Evolution helmets are custom made to order
  • Custom Painted and Assembled "in-house"
  • Exportable- "No ITAR Restrictions"
  • The EVO-152 is a type-1 helmet meaning it's DOI certified for "Both" Fixed and Rotor-wing aircraft.


  • Choose Options

    Head Circumference
    Lens Configuration - Outside Lenses
    Impedance (Select One)
    Military 5/19 OHM
    Civilian 300 OHM
    Microphone and Speakers
    Mic Boom
    Communication Cable
    NVG Mounting Base (night vision goggle)
    Earcup Preference
    Active Noise Reduction (ANR)
    Cord Mounting (must select)
    BluLink II-Bluetooth (non-Bose)
    NVG Adapter
    Chin strap
    Additional options
    EVO Oxygen Mask Receivers [+$150.00]
    Lightweight USAF Oxygen Receivers [+$100.00]
    Microfiber SkullCap - Made in Italy [+$22.00]
    In-Line Volume Control [+$60.00]
    Bose Panel Mount Pigtail [+$75.00]
    Bose Lemo to Helo adapter [+$50.00]
    Bose Lemo to GA adapter [+$50.00]
    Bose Lemo to GA adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
    Bose Lemo to Helo adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
    CEP (Not used with BOSE) [+$185.00]
    CEP Interface (Only) [+$85.00]
    CME (Not used with Bose) [+$425.00]
    Dual Impedence Switch (Helmet Mounted) [+$250.00]
    Mic Light - NVG 3 Green [+$51.00]
    Mic Light 2-White unfiltered, 1-NVG Green [+$67.00]
    Paint Color (monitors may vary color)
    Visor Cover Paint Color
    Helmet Bag Included (Choose Color)
    Name on back of Helmet under clear coat (optional $20.00)
    25 chars left
    Lettering Color
    EVO Maxillo Faceshield

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