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Your Price: $995.00
Part Number:HFX-1002 (click on options tab below to build)
Application: Fixed wing for general Aviation, Warbirds, Antique, Aerobatic and agriculture pilots.
Weight: @ 39oz. Fiberglass construction with Polycarbonate Housing.

The HGU-33 is still a popular helmet among pilots, its practical, comfortable, and reasonably priced.  Its the helmet that everyone relates to the movie "Top Gun".  It's also a popular helmet if you want to display your favorite squadron markings, jet team, or replicating a movie theme design. A display helmet would be configured as "non-practical" without communications. 

Choose Options

Helmet Size
Paint Color
Lens Configuration
Visor Assembly
Visor Cover - Paint Color
25 chars left
25 chars left
Impedance (Select One)
Microphone Mount
Mic Boom
Leather Edge Roll
Helmet Bag
Oxygen Receivers
Additional Options
Helmet Mounted Volume Control [+$65.00]
CEP [+$185.00]
CEP Interface (Only) [+$85.00]
Bose LEMO Panel Mount [+$75.00]
Bose Lemo to Helo adapter [+$50.00]
Bose Lemo to GA adapter [+$50.00]
Bose Lemo to GA adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
Bose Lemo to Helo adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
Microfiber SkullCap - Made in Italy
Active Noise Reduction (ANR)
Lock knob
Agriculture Respirator
Name on back of Helmet under clear coat (optional $20.00)
25 chars left
Lettering Color

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