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Your Price: $1,225.00
Part Number:HFX-1002 (click on options tab below to build)
Application: Fixed wing for general Aviation, Warbirds, Antique, Aerobatic and agriculture pilots.
Weight: @ 39oz. Fiberglass construction with Polycarbonate Housing.

The HGU-33 is still a popular helmet among pilots, its practical, comfortable, and reasonably priced.  Its the helmet that everyone relates to the movie "Top Gun".  It's also a popular helmet if you want to display your favorite squadron markings, jet team, or replicating a movie theme design. A display helmet would be configured as "non-practical" without communications. 

Choose Options

Helmet Size
Paint Color
Lens Configuration
Visor Assembly
Visor Cover - Paint Color
25 chars left
25 chars left
Impedance (Select One)
Microphone Mount
Mic Boom
Leather Edge Roll
Active Noise Reduction (ANR)
Helmet Bag
Oxygen Receivers
Additional Options
Helmet Mounted Volume Control (non-Bose) [+$65.00]
CEP (not used with Bose) [+$185.00]
CEP Interface (Only) [+$85.00]
Bose LEMO Panel Mount [+$75.00]
Bose Lemo to Helo adapter [+$50.00]
Bose Lemo to GA adapter [+$50.00]
Bose Lemo to GA adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
Bose Lemo to Helo adapter w/Ag Aircraft Power adapter [+$185.00]
Microfiber SkullCap - Made in Italy
BluLink II-Bluetooth (non-Bose)
Lock knob
Agriculture Respirator
Name on back of Helmet under clear coat (optional $20.00)
25 chars left
Lettering Color

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