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The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System MKII 5000-015 Poseidon EBS - Emergency Breathing Systems. Direct replacement to the Aqualung SEA. The Poseidon EBS is a 3000 PSI Emergency Egress device used by Helicopter Pilots to escape a submerged aircraft during an emergency ditching into the water. 

 Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System "EBS" provide the user with Emergency air allowing the user to Egress while hands free. These devices are lighter, provide more duration, and have ergonomic features that make their use safer than what is currently fielded to military and civilian customers. Bottles include capacity gauge and On/Off Knob with OFF– ON air valve. This unit does NOT require Hydrostatic Testing. 

 This unit DOES require 2 year inspection and recertification. (Done in house also) 

 EBS MK II Pressure: 3000 psi 2ndStage Reg.: Cyklon 1stStage Reg:3000 psi Hose Length:20 or 24 inches Cylinder: Aluminum NSN: 4240-98-208-3743 

 There are emergency air systems available that have been designed specifically to help helicopter pilots. Learning about these systems can give you peace of mind knowing that in an emergency, you have tools at your disposal to ensure survival. Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is Designed for Safety Survival is at the forefront of every helicopter pilot's mind. 

Having a system in place for when an emergency happens can give one peace of mind. The Poseidon Emergency System is designed for just that, as it's an emergency "Air" breathing system designed for Survival. Emergency Air Systems and 

Their Purpose In high-risk over water operations, emergency air breathing systems can be a matter of life and death. These systems are critical components, allowing for the provision of emergency air in emergencies when trying to egress or escape a submerged cockpit. In the event of an emergency, the breathing air system can mean the difference between life and death for those flying into unknown over water environments. 

With such systems in place, pilots can stay safe and work with confidence in different geographical locations. 

 Trusting Your Equipment Pilots need to trust their aircraft and emergency safety equipment completely. That is why it's so important to choose the best breathing system available, one that you can depend on in any situation. The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System (emergency breathing system) provides just that; it is the new-age benchmark of lifesaving technology with features tailored specifically for pilots like you! So whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, find out why choosing a Poseidon Emergency Breathing System could mean life or death when faced with a flight emergency. 

 Overview of the Poseidon Emergency Breathing System The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is an important tool for pilots of all levels to ensure their safety. This impressive piece of equipment boasts several key features, such as its: Compact size Ability to be deployed quickly Accessibility The emergency breathing system is equipped with a reliable regulator that guarantees continuous airflow and a built-in safety valve that prevents over inflation. Helicopter pilots can use it as an alternative air source in case of an out-of-air situation. 

The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is a smart and versatile safety device that provides peace of mind to any pilot. Benefits of using the Poseidon Emergency Breathing System When danger strikes over the water, having a reliable emergency breathing system can help. 

The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is a game-changer in this regard, providing a dependable solution for pilots in distress. Its compact design allows for easy storage and quick deployment, while its advanced technology ensures a smooth and steady flow of air. But perhaps most importantly, the Poseidon Emergency Breathing System gives pilots peace of mind. With this device, you can focus on being able to breathe and help yourself and your passengers out of a submerging aircraft. Maximum Design and Industrial Comfort An emergency breathing system is a key element to consider in the design and comfort process. 

The system is foolproof and reliable, ensuring that individuals can quickly and effectively use it in a submerged situation. In addition to this breathing system, each component and aspect of the system has been carefully considered and prioritized for maximum safety and comfort. How Poseidon Holds Up To Other Emergency Breathing Systems Each emergency breathing system is designed with its own set of features and capabilities, making the decision-making process all the more challenging. Rather than focus on the differences between them, instead, consider what makes these systems as a whole so important. 

In the event of an emergency, every second counts, and that is why these systems can make all the difference. The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is the newest in its class of all other breathing systems. It's very popular among pilots because it has been tested for quality and longevity. 

 How Pilots Should Use the Poseidon Emergency Breathing System in Emergencies Pilots are highly trained professionals who undergo rigorous training to ensure both their own safety and the safety of others. Despite their best efforts, emergencies can occur, and that's where the Poseidon emergency breathing system comes in. This emergency breathing system provides pilots with a critical lifeline in the event of becoming submerged in deep waters. It's crucial that pilots understand how to use the breathing system should the need become apparent. The system's compact design, coupled with its ease of use, guarantees that the pilot can access the air supply quickly. 

 Tips For Optimal Performance With an Emergency Breathing System It can happen so quickly, as having the right gear can make all the difference. That's why the Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is such an essential tool for pilots. But simply having the system isn't enough; you need to know how to use it properly to ensure maximum performance. Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow to ensure you're ready for anything. Make sure you understand how the system works Regularly check and maintain your equipment With these tips in mind, you can fly over the ocean or large bodies of water with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable emergency system at your disposal. 

Why the Poseidon Emergency System is Recommended for All Pilots The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is a valuable tool for all types of pilots. This innovative emergency breathing system provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution in the event of a water submerged situation. Not only is Poseidon lightweight and compact, but it also provides pilots with fewer worries making it the number one peace of mind device for them. With Poseidon, pilots are well-equipped to handle a water emergency situation that may arise during flight. 

Maintaining The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System Attention pilots: one of the most important things that you can do to ensure your safety is to maintain your emergency breathing system. If you haven't yet been trained on the proper maintenance that goes into these devices, it's time to learn. For additional information, contact Helmet FX. They need to be serviced "every two years" for maximum performance. 

They are enabled to quickly release air so that breathing becomes easier for all aboard if the helicopter gets put into deep waters. Saving Lives One Emergency Breathing System at a Time The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is an important piece of equipment that can help keep pilots safe in potentially life-threatening situations. This emergency breathing system is designed to keep pilots "safety in mind". If a pilot experiences equipment failure or encounters an unexpected hazard, the Poseidon Emergency Breathing System can offer a lifeline in a time of crisis. This innovative system is easy to use and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for all helicopter pilots. 

 The Science of The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System Flying thousands of feet in the air, it's important that you're equipped with a specialized safety emergency breathing system. This type of lifesaving technology is designed to be a spare air unit that can be used if the craft goes down. Without this system, you would be putting your life at risk due to a lack of oxygen while treading deep water. . This impressive technology is designed to keep pilots safe during any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring they are able to be rescued. 

 A Great Choice For Pilots, The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is a great choice for any pilot looking to stay safe. Not only does this emergency breathing system come with a number of features designed for maximum performance, but its construction and design make it particularly durable and reliable. When compared to other systems on the market, this one clearly stands out as superior in terms of reliability and practicality. It's important for all pilots who use this system to understand how they should use it in emergencies to maximize its effectiveness. The Poseidon Emergency Breathing System is an invaluable tool for pilots looking to prioritize their safety during flight.


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